Karl Peder Nordstrand’s second victory in the Latvian Rally Championship, Cesis Rally

What did you do when you were sixteen? Probably a lot, but did you claim to be a rally champion of a foreign country? Karl Peder Nordstrand would answer “yes” to that question. The young Norwegian, who celebrated his 16th birthday in July, is now in his second year on the gravel roads of Latvia and Estonia. After starting his career in a Peugeot 208 R2, he tried his with much more powerful Škoda Fabia Rally2 Evo late last fall and won the Rallijsprints Latvija competition outright. That was enough to set up the 2023 season with the desire to drive competitive 4WD equipment. This was helped by the “Sports Racing Technologies” team, well-known in the Lithuanian rally community, whose operated cars are driven by Lithuanian racers. The “SRT” team provided the Norwegian with its “Škoda Fabia SRT Proto” car, with which Karl Peder can call himself Latvian LRČ1 class champion after the “Samsonas Rally Utena”. Of course, all this would be just a dream if one of the most famous rally talent agencies from Norway – “EVEN Management”, whose flag is carried by world-class drivers, would not take care of all these things. Therefore, we can be glad that we will see the future star of Norwegian rally driving on the roads of our country at “Samsonas Rally Utena”.

Karl Peder Nordstrand

Karl Peder himself tells about himself and the upcoming “Samsonas Rally Utena”:

Karl Peder Nordstrand

Tell us a little about yourself – how did you get into rallying so young?

started my rally career at Rally Cesis last year in a Peugeot r2. I have driven cross-car from the age of 5, and have driven on the field as long as I can remember. The main reason I came into rallying is my dad, I remember when I joined him on different Rally when he was a co-driver. I always wanted to be a rally driver, but when I was a small kid it seemed very unrealistic with such small financial power. But when I was 12 years old, I got linked up with EVEN management. EVEN has helped me a lot from around that age to today, and at the moment they have such drivers as Esapekka Lappi and Johan Kristofferson, also Andreas Mikkelsen is an old EVEN driver.

What do you know about the “Samsona Rally Utena”? How are you preparing for this event?

We know at the moment not much. I have never driven there before. We are always trying to get video from the rally. And also the most important thing is to make an even better pace note. And with such a small experience, that’s even more important

Karl Peder Nordstrand

What are your goals when you come to Lithuania?

Our goal is always to stay on the road. We have started our career very well. But everyone knows how fast this can change. At the same time I hate to lose, so let’s see how we can solve it this time. But I will definitely not require much extra speed for this rally based on experience factor.

You switched from 2WD to 4WD pretty quickly. Are you happy with this decision?

I think every boy at 16 wants to do 4wd rather the 2wd 😅😂 But to be serious I think this is the right direction, and I think we will be better prepared for future activities. It takes much to get the budget in place, but it’s worth it!

Karl Peder Nordstrand

And can you say a few words to inspire more young people like you to make their dreams come true?

I think sometimes just forget about the consequences. You have to risk it sometimes and take the opportunity when you can see one. And it’s super important to have fun, it has to be the thing you are obsessed with. And Remember, Rome wasn’t built in 1 day

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