On the first of October, after two breathtaking days on the special stages of Utena, Anykščiai and Molėtai districts, the winners of the competition “Samsonas Rally Utena 2023” will be awarded with very special prizes. The organizers of “Samsonas Rally Utena 2023” are looking for unusual and interesting solutions not only in the sporting part of the rally, but also in other areas, so with the help of metal processing company “Bos Inox” UAB, the shelves of the winners of the rally will be decorated with prizes in a unique design.

I am glad that our old friend Gediminas Vilimas and his company UAB “Bos Inox”, which deals with trade and processing of various metals, have been producing the cups for our events since 2017. Gediminas is not only a friend, but also a motorsport enthusiast who participates in circuit races himself. Therefore, he strives for maximum quality and uniqueness by helping in the production of the awards. Competitions bearing the name “Samsonas”, such as the “Utena Rally”, the “7 Lakes Rally”, the “Rokiškis Rally” or the British “Bushwhacker Rally” and the “Fivemiletown Rally”, award their winners one of the most valuable cups in Europe. The winners of the “Samsonas Rally Utena 2023” will receive the same special attention and will be awarded with unique prizes in the form of shock absorbers.

Martynas Samsonas

There is still a long way to go before such prizes see the light of day and can be presented to the jubilant winners of the rally. First of all, the important thing is the idea itself and the desire to create a different, unique prize, which is distinguished both by its value and design and, above all, recalls the positive emotions at the event at which the prize was awarded. Later, this idea must be reflected in the drawing so that the thought becomes a reality. The more interesting and unique the prize, the more complex solutions, more advanced equipment and more experience requires the production of the prize. In this case, special tube processing technologies were used, which led to the shock absorber-like prize. The entire process of turning the idea into reality was handled by UAB “Bos Inox” and its director Gediminas Vilimas.

The production of the cups and awards was born out of a mutual friendship with Martynas. I am no stranger to motorsports, having driven circuit races myself, and I am happy to be able to contribute to these initiatives. You understand that organizing a rally is a difficult task, and it’s great to contribute to it. Why should Martynas search and waste time when there are people in his inner circle who can help in this area – we have been helping him in this matter for six years now. Our draftsmen implement the invented concept of the prizes in drawings, and the production department implements all this with the most modern technology and great experience. All that remains is to award the prizes to those who earned them during the competition. This year the prizes will be different than usual, because we want to change the style a little and surprise the recipients.

We are metal fabricators who make products or implement projects according to the wishes and ideas of the customer. It can be a unique detail or a product with several thousand copies. With the help of our equipment we can cut, fold, weld and deliver the product to the customer, who does not even have to worry about the raw material itself. The customer brings an idea and takes with him a product already manufactured, in the design and manufacture of which we share our knowledge and advise him if necessary to achieve the best possible result. We work with many companies for whom it is much more convenient to receive a high-quality detail created by professionals than to waste resources on their own production. We use all this experience, knowledge and intelligence to create unique prizes that are later awarded to the winners by the rally organizers, and we are happy to have the opportunity to contribute to motorsport and cheer on the winners.

Gediminas Vilimas

Visualization of the prizes of Samsonas Rally Utena 2023:

Gallery of prizes produced by UAB “Bos Inox”: