In the coming weekend, Utena will become the capital of the Lithuanian rally as the final stage of the Lithuanian car rally championship “Samsonas Rally Utena” in the upcoming weekend. In the list of 110 crews you can also find the young Finnish rally talent Sami Pajari. He will start here in the Škoda Fabia N5+ car of Martynas Samsonas the name partner of this competition.

More attentive fans of the rally have already noticed that the name of the Škoda Fabia N5+ car is indicated next to the Finnish Sami Pajari’s name in the list of participants. In Utena the young racer will sit behind the wheel of the car of Martynas Samsonas the name partner of this competition. Martynas Samsonas himself together with co-driver Ervinas Snitkas will compete in a BMW M3 car.

Martynas Samsonas does not hide that he entrusted Finn Sami Pajari with his Škoda Fabia N5+ for testing purposes. Another Finn Teemu Asunmaa did a similar mission this year with Martynas Samsonas car in Rokiškis. Then on the second day of the rally he was stopped by a breakdown.

“After testing Martynas’ Škoda Fabia N5+ I can say that it is a real pleasure to drive. I have experience behind the wheel of a regular N5 car and have also raced with Rally3 and Rally2 cars in the World Rally Championship this year. I hope to have a great time behind the wheel of this car and enjoy the beautiful roads of this region,” said Sami Pajari.

This athlete has appeared in our country before, but Special Stages of Utena region will be new to him. However this region will not be a surprise not only for him – the last time the rally competition was held here in winter was in 2015, so many sections are not familiar even to some crews from our country.

In this competition 15 Special Stages sections the total length of which will reach almost 125 kilometers will await for the participants. Together with the liaisons crews will have to cover a distance of 356 km.

“I think the rally in Utena will be really great. I have some memories from Lithuania as I have had to race here twice in the Martynas’ nominal competition in Rokiškis. I understand that the rally is very popular in these region. I remember that there were always crowds of spectators and a very festive atmosphere. I am looking forward to the start”, said Sami Pajari.

Sami Pajari will start in the “Samsonas Rally Utena” competition with the fourth starting number and the pacenotes for the pilot will be read by his compatriot co-pilot Janni Hussi who has already assisted in the competition in Finland once this year.

More information about the competition taking place September 30 – October 1 can be found at and on organiser’s page on „Facebook“.