The rural tourism homestead “Šniūrai” is located in Molėtai district, on the shore of Lake Siesartis. This resort is for those who like privacy, where you can enjoy peace and the beauty of nature. The homestead is surrounded by a forest and a lake on all sides. In a secluded haven of nature, you will feel far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and have a pleasant time undisturbed. The forest surrounding the homestead is rich in berries and mushrooms. Those who want to refresh themselves in the lake can always enjoy swimming. A long and wide beach and a neat and clean shore are adapted for this. It is a great place for fishing, and those who want to have fun can choose to rent boats, kayaks or pedal boats. For your convenience, not only homesteads are provided, but also sauna rental – a mobile sauna is installed on the shore of the lake. The homestead has a building with a hall for 12 people, a Russian sauna and sleeping rooms on the second floor. This house has all the amenities. Next to the building is a large gazebo with a fireplace. You can relax here all year round. This rural tourism homestead is suitable for celebrations, birthdays, christenings or just spending free time. Šniūrai offers more than just homestead rental. During the summer, we rent 2 more four-person cabins, a six-person cabin, and there is a campsite on the shore of the lake, where there is plenty of space for tents, so you can choose the most suitable way of recreation for yourself. You can park a car or camper nearby, and there will be enough space to set up your own gazebo. There are wooden tables and benches on the territory of the homestead, where you can have a comfortable picnic in nature. For those looking for entertainment, a volleyball court has been built in the yard, and you can play football or other invented games in the meadow. Forests spread around the homestead, there are many lakes, and the Mindūnai observation tower is nearby, so you can organize an interesting cycling trip. Fresh air and active entertainment or long walks in nature often increase the appetite, so barbecues and spits are available for rent, and birch firewood is sold for those who want to cook on a campfire. There is a well for drinking water on the grounds of the homestead, and toilets and showers are available in a nearby building for your convenience. This type of recreation is most suitable for families with children, and there is also the possibility of bringing a pet with you, for example: a puppy. It is a great place to spend your vacation as a couple or with a group of friends at favorable prices. All these rural tourism services and entertainment are designed for quality recreation in nature, where unforgettable moments await you.

Campsite services; Preparation of flights (up to 1000 people); Heating of saunas; Large gazebo with fireplace; Kayak rental; Boat rental; Water bike rental; Paddleboard rental; There are modern toilets and a shower; Mobile gazebo for rent – 50 sq. m. m.

Number of rooms – 7

Number of places – 24