Although motorsport is perceived as a technical sport, the outcome depends mainly on who drives the cars. The human factor is extremely important in rally competitions, because only the correct behavior of the driver and co-driver will make the car go extremely fast and precisely in the special stages. Probably few people can imagine the important role played by the health of the crew. During competitions, the athletes’ bodies are exposed to extreme temperatures, huge G forces, vibrations and shocks due to road condition. Under these conditions, the body is under maximum tension, and the heart rate is equal to the revs of the car engine. Nevertheless, it is necessary to listen to the co-driver’s instructions and use on this information while driving at 150 km/h through the forest, where there is not the slightest margin for error. In order to function optimally in such an environment, the athlete’s body must work perfectly.

Downhill skateboarder from Lithuania Šarūnas Rasalas

The organizers of the “Samsonas Rally Utena”, aware of this synergy between motorsport and health, will ensure that the winners of the competition receive such prizes that will bring them tangible benefits in the field of health. The better the health and physical preparation of the participants, the better the results on the track, the greater the competition, which will allow further improvement and increasing level of Lithuanian motorsport. This mission is supported by the Scandinavian partner ZinZino, which joined the Samsonas Rally Utena 2023 and improves the lives of both ordinary people and extremely active athletes with its high-quality products. Basketball team BC Žalgiris, kickboxer Sergej Maslobojev and racer Aistė Perminaitė have become ambassadors of “Zinzino” in Lithuania, and athletes and teams of various sports improve their results in the world with the help of “Zinzino”.

Latvian jet ski racer and 2018 world champion Krista Uzare

“The idea of contributing to motorsport in Lithuania came simply through communication with the Samson family itself. When we talked about the product itself and its advantages, they were interested in the concept of “Zinzino” and the quality of our products. After that, everything developed in such a way that they wanted to become Zinzin ambassadors, to represent the product itself and work with us. During the ambassador trip, Martynas told us about the rally and other events that his team organizes, so naturally the idea came up that we could contribute to the events as partners. “Zinzino” has many ambassador athletes from all over the world who educate and share information about “Zinzino” products. This is beneficial not only for ordinary people, but especially for athletes. This cooperation is beneficial for both sides” – said Zinzino representative Sigita Pedišienė

BMX world champion and weightlifter from Australia Des’ree Barnes

The winners of the competition will be awarded with healthy prizes donated by the Scandinavian company “Zinzino”:

The first place winners will receive a Zinzino Omega Fat Acid Balance blood test. To perform the Zinzino BalanceTest, blood is simply and independently taken from the finger. The test is evaluated at an independent laboratory, Oslo Vitas AS. The amount of 11 fatty acids, including saturated, monounsaturated (omega-9) and polyunsaturated (omega-6 and omega-3) fatty acids, is measured from the erythrocytes in the blood. Based on these indicators, we can assess the brain’s performance, the body’s protection and the ability to absorb nutrients.

Second place winners will receive Zinzino Balanceoil Omega-3 dietary supplements. “BalanceOil+” is Zinzino’s most popular dietary supplement, a completely natural source of omega fatty acids with polyphenols. Thanks to its unique composition selected by research, this innovative premium oil blend of small wild fish and extra virgin olive oil is rich in polyphenols, is effectively absorbed and protects blood lipids. It safely increases and maintains optimal levels of omega-3 and cholesterol in the body and strengthens heart and brain activity. –

The 3rd place winners will receive Zinzino Viva+ nutritional supplement to support the function of the nervous system. “Viva+” is an all-natural nutritional supplement designed to reduce stress, improve mood and strengthen well-being. It supports healthy functioning of the nervous system and brain, and helps reduce fatigue and drowsiness.

Zinzino, as a pioneer of blood-based nutrition, is a leader in the nutritional supplement market. Each person’s needs are measured, calculated and tracked – just like the performance of racers in competitions.

Jernej Simončič, professional sim racer from Slovenia.

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