We reveal one of the greatest mysteries – “Samsonas Rally Utena” 2023 maps. This year’s rally comes up with 9 unique special stages, including Utena city SS and shakedown stage.

On Saturday afternoon, participants will head east from Utena to Tauragnai municipality, where two special stages will be driven twice each – SS1 (TRYGG) / SS3 (LANGASTA) and SS2 (JUSEMA) / S4 (CRAMO). They are separated by a trip to the service zone in Utena. After dark, the rally cars storm the streets of the city of Utena on the basis of a carousel, where the special stages SS5 (KIA) / SS6 (BATTERY) is organised.

On Sunday morning, crews will move to the southern part of the Utena district, where the special stages SS7 (WISVELD) / SS9 (8000 RPM) and SS8 (UTENOS BETONAS) / SS10 (SILINĖ) will be waiting for them. Between them will be a service zone in Utena.

In the middle of Sunday, drivers will complete the once-driven stage SS11 (P1 FUELS) and the GR12 (NORDIS). After the service, participants will once again complete the last stage – SS13 (StS) and move towards the final stage of the rally – SS14 (Bosinox) – which, with the status of “Powerstage”, will give participants the opportunity to earn additional points.

In addition, the organizers of the “Samsonas Rally Utena” will make it easier for spectators to find the spectating points of the rally, offering the best places with descriptions, a detailed map and coordinates.

All rally maps will be published here:

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