Lygiamiškis hillfort

The hillfort dates back to the 1st millennium. It is equipped on the promontory of the bank elevation of the River Šventoji. The hilltop is oblong, shaped as irregular triangle, size 70×60 m. At the edge of it there is an embankment – 90 m long, 10 m wide at the base and up to 1.3 m high.  There are some remains of a cultural layer on the hilltop. Some burnt items, bones, stone hatchets were found when ploughing. The slopes are steep, 8-10 m high, except the western slop.  North and east of the hillfort there is the foot settlement. Some moulded lined and rough ceramics have been found in it. The findings are kept in the National Museum of Lithuania.


Lygamiškio village, Utenos dist.

GPS: 55.372777, 25.641211