Homestead „Liežio oazė“

Not far from Vilnius, in the Molėtai district, right next to Liežio, there is such a fairytale house, that’s what the locals call it.

We call it the Liežio oasis.

People meditate, pray, and talk to nature in this place.

There are gatherings, feasting, laughing.

This is where fairy tales are made or where fairy tales come true. Skeptics believe in miracles. People say that they discover the truths of life here, improve their health, lose heartache, and pamper their souls.

To pamper your body, there is a sauna here. There is also a pond, people said that there are goldfish in it. It is possible to fish, to fly into the water if allowed.

The house is surrounded by forests and fields. You can go on a hike or search for forest products. Basically, the only neighbors you might have to meet are the forest dwellers. But one old man said that he had also seen a fairy here. However, this was not intrusive, did not disturb the peace.

Another said that it happens – the fir trees quietly sing. Or reads poetry. But even they do not destroy the silence of that oasis.

For your relaxation, the sauna house has: Refrigerator, stove, microwave oven, kettle; Dishes and utensils (for cooking); Gas outdoor heater; Bedding; Internet (WI-FI); Music center, light equipment; Television set; Sauna, pond, terrace; WC/Shower; Barbecue (barbecue); Kazan grill, kazan pan, kazan pot; Fishing equipment; Parking lot; Deck chairs; Drinking water (from a well).

Number of places – 12