Cars are very much associated with aesthetics – it is not for nothing that not only everyday cars but also sports cars are cleaned to perfection. For the latter, this is especially relevant, because a good-looking sports car attracts the attention of spectators, media representatives, competitors, and everyone else. Design is an extremely important tool to spread your or your partners message to prospective customers. The age of technology helps to take advantage of design even more, because not only professionals can take photos and videos, but also ordinary people with smartphones, so the distribution increases exponentially. There is another saying that is hard to verify, “Beautiful cars go faster”. In other words, it is very important how the car looks in the race. But in car sports disciplines that are not held on clean asphalt, but on gravel roads and other roads that are not very clean, the aesthetics are sometimes severely compromised because of dust and mud. This is also very important to the mechanics when they have to remove a considerable layer of dirt before repairing the car. The organizers of “Samsonas Rally Utena” and the “H2AUTO” network of car washes understand all these nuances very well, ensuring that the cars returning for service are clean and shiny. It seems like a small thing, but it makes the teams’ lives a lot easier.

The mission of H2AUTO in the “Samsonas Rally Utena” is to give every crew the opportunity to compete with a clean car. In order to achieve this goal, H2AUTO will give H2AUTO cards with additional credit to each driver and co-driver of the crew, and free car wash boxes will be provided exclusively for the participants of “Samsonas Rally Utena” in the H2AUTO car wash Utena (Vaižganto Str. 15A). The work of the car wash will be supervised by “H2AUTO” professionals during the whole rally. We will provide the crews with all the conditions to keep the car clean quickly, comfortably and efficiently. We hope to see up to 120 crews during the rally!

H2AUTO also has gifts for the residents of Uteniškis on the occasion of the rally celebration!
Discount code: “SAMSONASRALLY”

H2AUTO has set up a special discount code for residents of Utena, which provides a 25% discount on car wash services at the H2AUTO car wash in Utena throughout the week. The discount code is valid only in the app, which you can download for free, and the discount code is valid from 30.09.2023 to 06.10.2023 exclusively in the H2AUTO car wash in Utena, 15A Vaižganto St.

Discount code: “SAMSONASRALLY”

Discount: 25% for car wash

Where: Utena H2AUTO car wash, Vaižganto st. 15A

Validity: 09/30/2023 – 10/06/2023

H2AUTO pasirūpins, kad automobiliai net varžybų metu atrodytu taip, kaip prieš varžybas
H2AUTO will make sure that the cars look like they did before the competition even during the competition

H2AUTO is the official carwash of the Samsonas Rally Utena 2023 competition. With 28 carwashes, we are the largest network of modern contactless carwashes in Lithuania. Since 2015, we have introduced surface-safe, simple and effective cleaning for all vehicles in Lithuania. After testing the best washing technologies used in Europe and the USA, we have created the most effective non-contact care standard for Lithuanian climate conditions. Our team is focused on safe, scratch-free washing, we change detergents based on seasonal temperatures, and we have a team that ensures cleanliness with every wash.

Delca invest UAB, the management company of the H2AUTO brand, is certified according to the internationally recognized standards for environmental management systems ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

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