On Friday morning, in Utena, at the Creative Industries Center “Taurapilis”, the administrative commission of the “Samsonas Rally Utena 2023” began.

A total of 125 crews have registered for this competition, which must complete the formalities of the Administrative Commission in order to start at the rally. The participants submitted the required documents, took GPS tracking system and received all the items necessary for participation – stickers, roadbooks, time cards and gifts from the event partner. After the administrative commission, the final list of participants will be announced, and the teams are still waiting for the technical commission, but this procedure is already done by the team mechanics. The participants will go to the stages themselves to make their reece.

The solemn opening ceremony of the competition “Samsonas Rally Utena” will take place on Saturday at 1 pm next to the Creative Industries Center “Taurapilis”, where the headquarters of the rally is located. The starting arch is already set up here. From here, the participants will head to the first special stages. On the same day, four day and two night stages await the crews. After that, a concert by “Augustė” is scheduled at 22:00, which will take place on the large open-air stage near the Utena Cultural Center.

Sunday is the second day of the rally. It will begin at 8:25 a.m., when the first car will start for the first stage of the second day. The participants of Samsonas Rally Utena will receive their prizes at 20:30, directly followed by the concert of Jovani.