Spectators who have been on special stages earlier do not just see rally participants fighting for every fraction of a second at insane speeds. An hour before the first start of such a car, the stage is closed and “civilian” cars pass through for a period of time, during which the marshalls, observers and other official persons of the rally have very important and responsible tasks to ensure the maximum safety of the competition.

In order to make the marshalls work as smoothly and easily as possible, the KIA representation in Vilnius has provided comfortable and safe cars, which should become an integral part of the rally and its most important attribute – safety. Since the condition of the special stages is variable and various weather conditions can further complicate the passability of the road sections used for the sport, the marshalls on duty at the stages will drive KIA Sportage cars that can easily cope with difficult conditions. By the way, this model is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary. The rally officials also work around the rally headquarters, service area, and technical and administrative checkpoints, so it is equally important to ensure smooth and comfortable movement during the competition. “KIA Sorento”, “KIA Niro” and “KIA Xceed” cars will serve this purpose.

Kia Motors Corporation, founded in 1944, is the oldest automobile factory in Korea. KIA’s 13 factories in 8 different countries produce a total of more than 2.1 million cars per year, which are then sold through a dealer network in more than 172 different countries. Since the summer of 2006, the “Hyundai-KIA” group has been one of the six largest automobile manufacturers in the world.

KIA security mission Samsonas Rally Utena:

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