Appendix nr. 7 “Prohibited areas” of “Samsonas Rally Utena 2023” Supplementary Regulations was released. Future participants of the upcoming rally are prohibited from visiting all the territories of the Utena district and some wards of the Molėtai and Anykščiai districts until the start of the competition.

We would like to remember that any driver, or co-driver, or any other team member who has entered or intends to enter the rally and who wishes to drive on any road which is or might be used as a Special Stage in the rally after publication of Supplementary Regulations, may only do so after he has obtained the written permission from the organizer. Failure to respect this rule shall result in driver being reported to the stewards. Crew might be eliminated from competition. Roads available without organizer’s permission – A6, A14, 111, 118, 119, 120, 178, 4902, 4910. 

You can find out map of restricted areas below. Full documentation of the rally will be published on September 7th.