Two weeks left till finish of Lithuanian rally and rally sprint championships. Last fifth event “Rally Aukštaitija 2021” will make clear who is going to become new champions and prize winners of rally and rally sprint championships 1-2 of October in Zarasai and Utena regions.

Results of four passed event that are already counted show that it is going to be intriguing fight in some classes. Probably most awaited battle is going to be among crews of Vaidotas Žala and Andris Malnieks, Valerii Gorban and Sergey Larens, Martynas Samsonas and Ervinas Snitkas. V.Žala and V. Gorban has 104 points, M. Samsonas is behind them only in 4 points. Mathematically Dominykas Butvilas, Giedrius Notkus and Vladas Jurkevičius also have chances to become prize winners. However, their chances are more theoretical as it would not be enought to win everything in last event. They would also need failures of leaders as well.

Saulius Trapuila with 102 points and Justas Simaška with 96 points are in the front of 2WD class. Dramatical situation for the third place is between Justas Tamašauskas (68 points) and Renaldas Šeinauskas (65 points). Hubert Laskowski has 61 point, Mantas Jurgaitis 2 points behind him.

Marius Žiukelis with 104 points is ranked the highest in LARC9 where twenty crew have already competed for poins this year. 9 points behind him Marius Vėgėlė. Aras Kalėda is the third with 80 points. Thus, in one way or another, circumstances in this class may also change.

Although “Historic” class is not abundant, three names are ranked with the same number of points – 35 – Saulius Zurlyvs, Dovilas Čiutelė and Tadas Balaišis. They all won event once.

Situation in standings of LARC teams is also intriguing. At the moment leading team “Viada-Multi FX” with 96 points. Only 2 points behind them – “Orlen Lietuva – Mažeikių ASK“ and second team „Samsona Motorsport“. 2 more points behind them – “Kauno autoklubas”.

Paulius Kiudys is leading in Lithuania automobile rally sprint championship overall. His results – 82 points. Mindaugas Kaminskas is only 2 points behind the leader. Irmantas Buivydas is the third with 77 points. By the way Paulius Kiudys and Irmantas Buivydas will fight for the title of winner in SG-2 class – here they have 110 and 101 points respectively.

Mantas Garbuzas in SG -3 class has 71 point, 4 points behind him Anatolij Andrejev. Andrzej Kruszewski is 2 points behind Anatolij. Jonas Miknius 2 points behind Andrzej.

Winners of LARSC team standings will be defined only in last event as well. „Ralio tempas“ is in front of „Rally 4 Fun” by only 3 points – 108 and 105 respectively.

So “Rally Aukštaitija 2021” will justify the name of last and decisive stage of the season as only here new kings of rally in most of classes will be defined.

More information on the event available on the website of Organiser or „Facebook“ page.