Rally pacenote book

The dimensions of the transcript notebook are 265x195mm.

Inside the notebook there are 100 sheets, each of which is divided into 7 lines.

The writing grid is printed in light colors that do not strain the eyes on high-quality paper, so that the text written with a pencil erases easily without damaging the surface.

The quality of the paper allows you to use any writing instrument without worrying that the ink will soak into the next page.

The cover of the notebook is protected by an additional plastic cover, and the back is made of hard cardboard – all this ensures that the notebook is comfortable to write in and use.

The leaves are fastened with a strong and convenient metal spring, so they can be easily removed and inserted by twisting/twisting it.

The pages are turned comfortably and without any discomfort.

Created by Lithuanian rally co-drivers: Ervinas Snitkas, Justas and Pauliaus Vičiūnas.

Made for CoDrivers by Codrivers!

Supported by Samsonas Motorsport.


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