Homestead “Šaltiniai”

Located in the Anykščiai district, the homestead “Šaltiniai” invites you to relax. The homestead has a rest house where we can host parties for up to 30 people. On the second floor of the house there are 3 bedrooms with balconies and a great view of the Šventoji River, accommodating 10-14 persons. Closer to the river, there are two cozy holiday homes for 4-6 people. The first disc golf park in the Anykščiai district is located on the territory of the homestead. We also organize kayak trips on the Šventoji, Vyžuona and Jara rivers.

For your comfortable and cozy rest, we offer:

Holiday home (sleeps 10-14 and can hold parties for up to 30 people) – 10-20 €/person.
Two holiday homes (sleeps 4-6) – 20-25 €/person.
Sauna – €40/~3 hours
Hot tub – €60/~3 hours
Disc golf park – €5/person.
Kayaks – 15-20 €
Campsite with gazebo – 5 €/person.
Meal service – from 18 €/person.