Homestead “Namelis medyje”

To inspire and encourage your children, in the wonderful Anykščiai regional park on four almost hundred-year-old pine trees, in 2017. we found our first treehouse. We invite families or friends to our rural tourism homestead “House in the Tree”. The homestead is located in the Anykščiai Regional Park, very close to the town of Anykščiai, surrounded by pine forests, near the Šventoji river. A bicycle path runs through the farmstead, along which you can discover many wonderful places in Anykščiai and experience unforgettable moments. The homestead has a large gazebo that can protect not only from the rain, but also from the wind, you will also find here, bicycles, spacious outdoor areas, two hot tubs. We can build a sauna even for a large company. WiFi is available throughout the homestead. Homestead guests can use the electric car charging station for free.

The decoration of the homestead is our little tree house built on four hundred-year-old pines, which many dreamed of in childhood. In the modernly equipped house, you will find a mini kitchen, TV, shower, WC, air conditioner. There is enough space in the house for a family with two or three children. For a larger company of up to 8 guests, we can offer a newly built tree house, inside which you can hug a hundred-year-old pine tree. There are terraces under the treehouses, where you can sit comfortably and chat with friends. We are waiting for you in the guest houses in the trees during the warm season.

We offer three newly built and modernly equipped, spacious cottages for your peaceful rest at the homestead. The cottages are suitable for a family of four, but can accommodate a couple more people if desired. In the cabins you will find a kitchenette, TV, shower, WC, air conditioner. We are waiting for you in the guest houses during the warm season.

In the homestead you can enjoy the pleasures of the Lithuanian sauna. In the log sauna building, you will find a small hall that can accommodate up to 20 people, a terrace, kitchen, TV, shower, WC, fireplace, air conditioner. Up to 12 people can stay overnight in the sauna building. There is a dug pond near the sauna. You can enjoy the building and pleasures of the sauna all year round. We also receive guests in the winter in the main residential building of the homestead, where you will find two five-bed rooms and one spacious double room with separate WC and shower.