Homestead “Juosta”

Here, as if in a national ornament, the most beautiful views of nature are interwoven – pure Lake Juostinas, colorful meadows, a forest full of life and a sky of enchanting beauty… Here the soul rests, the body relaxes, the mind calms down and the eyes begin to see the delicate beauty created by nature and human hands. Here you will find many smells, tastes and experiences, and coziness and sincere attention will make you feel like a special guest. It is a place where a personal, family or business celebration will reveal the true taste of life.

From May to October we can accommodate up to 60 people. From October until May we can accommodate up to 25 people.

We will take care of guests’ meals according to their needs. We offer you to enjoy exclusive dishes specially created for you and discover new, yet unknown tastes.