Burbiškio dvaras

Burbiškis Manor is located in Anykščiai Regional Park, near Rubikii Lake, 8 km from Anykščiai. On the picturesque left bank of the Anykšta River, a stylish palace catches the eye from afar – from the 19th century. an architectural monument, a gem of the neoclassical era, mesmerizing with delicacy and elegance. The gracefully fitted park, where more than 30 types of trees and shrubs have survived, blends into the landscape like a cultivated oasis of peace.
The Burbiškis manor ensemble was restored according to the 1853 the project. Authentic ceiling and wall paintings have been restored, original brown ash doors, and valuable decorated wall fireplaces have been preserved. A special decoration of the interior – authentic 19th century kilns walled with white glaze panels. There are similar ones in the Lithuanian Presidency, in Daukanta Square, but they can only be viewed by exclusive visitors. At the Burbiškis Manor, you have a unique opportunity to see what the representatives of foreign countries and distinguished guests visiting the Presidency see.

Feel the 19th century. aristocrats. Accommodation, meals and everything for your personal and business events.