Special stages map

SS 1 (CBet) / SS 3 (Žiogelis) (18,32km)


SS 1 (CBet) / SS 3 (Žiogelis) (18,32 km)

SS closes at 13:10

Start time of the first car – CBet: 14:10

Start time of the first car – Žiogelis: 15:40

Start: 55.8922, 25.8162

Finish: 55.8696, 25.6398

Spectator Zone A: 55.899908, 25.715217

Special Stage is well known for rally drivers from last year’s rally. Stage has plenty of tricky turns, some fast sections and jumps. Coming from Bagdoniškis, after a long straight comes fast right and tricky left turn over the jump and tight left turn in 150 m. 

Easy to access from Rukeliai or Audronys I by car. Spectator Zone A is located here. Rally cars will pass by this point.

SS 2 (Vigrima) (6,28 km)

SS 2 (Vigrima) (6,28 km)

SS closes at 13:50

Start time of the first car  – Vigrima: 14:50

Start: 55.8170, 25.6566

Finish: 55.8241, 25.6347

Start of Special Stage is 200 m. from road Rokiškis – Jūžintai. Surface of stages is quite solid and road is quite narrow. Beginning fast enough. In 2,5 km. sharp left turn. After turning right and 700 m. further road is rising visibly what will allow sportsmen to relieve their cars and maybe jump. Further quite dangerous right turn.

Dangerous jump 300 m. further. Narrow and dangerous right turn after.  700 m. further dangerous turns but they are closed by bushes so poor visibility. In 4,5 km from start stage turns right to forest with interesting section to watch from. Access only before closing of stage an hour before start of first car as there are no side roads. Rest part of stage is quite narrow with much softer surface than at the beginning of stage. So, sportsmen will probably limit maximum speed. Second part of this this stage was used in previous rallies. Finish faces the same road Rokiškis – Jūžintai not far from the start.


SS 4 (Samsonas Motorsport) / SS 5 (Lašų duona) (2,02 km)

SS 4 (Samsonas Motorsport) / SS 5 (Lašų Duona) (2,02 km)

SS closes at 17:30

Start time of the first car – Samsonas Motorsport: 18:30

Start time of the first car – Lašų Duona: 18:47

Start: 55.9572, 25.6059

Finish: 55.9671, 25.6037

Spectator Zone B: 55.965078, 25.596818

Shortest Special Stage will finish the first rally day. Main accents of the Special Stage – tarmac surface, driving in a carousel and artificial jump. Cars will drive this SS twice by the principle of carousel what will let spectators watching SS continuously for few hours. 

We recommend choosing Spectator Zone B for watching at the gates to Rokiškis Manor. We recommend walking after parking cars at Laisvės or Pievų street.

SS 6 (Trygg) / SS 8 (Umaras) (10,96 km)


SS 6 (Trygg) / SS 8 (Umaras) (10,96 km)

SS closes at 7:30

Start time of the first car – Trygg 8:30

Start time of the first car – Umaras 9:55

Start: 55.9844, 25.6010

Finish: 56.0388, 25.5527

Spectator Zone C: 55.023247, 25.603172

Biggest part of the Special Stage is well known for drivers from previous years. It‘s a medium length Special Stage, quite technical with several fast sections. We recommend choosing place to watch this Special Stage next to the Miliūnai village. Easy to park cars and walk to safe and convenient place for watching. Spectators will be able to watch a big jump. 150 m. further sharp left turn on the tarmac and sharp right turn 100 m. further. 

Approximately 1,60 km. from the start of SS section goes through abandoned farm complex. Easy to access on foot from Ežero street at Bajorai village. Last 3,5 km of SS go through the forest, so this part is without convenient places to watch the rally. Spectator Zone C is located in this SS.

SS 7 (Neiluva) / SS 9 (Toyota) (9,20 km)

SS 7 (Neiluva) / SS 9 (Toyota) (9,20 km)

SS closes at 8:05

Start time of the first car – Neiluva 9:05

Start time of the first car – Toyota 10:30

Start: 56.0155, 25.4587

Finish: 55.9892, 25.3824

This SS is next to Žiobiškis village. Road surface is quite hard. In 400 m. after start pretty interesting section is visible from the hill. Sharply rising bridge with sharp left turn on the hill. 1,1 km further interesting place with clearly visible relief with right turn, rise and a hill again and one more sharp right turn. Next section of 1,5 km with quite open places, hard surface, a lot of turns. This section ends after heading the crossroad where stages turns right.

1 km further after long and straight section interesting complex of sharp right and left turns. It is interesting place to watch, however without access by a side road. So, the only possibility to come here before closing of Special Stage.

4,2 km further from start similar section with sharp left and right turns. Place is quite open with possibility to watch coming and driving off car. Rest of SS is not vast but quite fast. Straight sections mix with dangerous sometimes turns. Such specifics of Special Stage remain till finish.

SS 10 (Biorina) / SS 12 (Valvoline) (5,40 km)

SS10 (Biorina) / GR 12 (Valvoline) (5,40 km)

SS closes at 12:50

Start time of the first car – Biorina 13:50

Start time of the first car – Valvoline 15:00

Start: 55.9702, 25.8744

Finish: 55.9835, 25.9025

Spectator Zone D: 55.972592, 25.896978

Probably most famous Special Stage of “Samsonas Rally Rokiškis” due to the impressive big jump at the beginning of the Stage. SS will be driven twice. You will see impressive jumps over famous “Žala Crest “. Access to watch point by car is available by side road through Trumpiškės village. 

Warning that all spectators who will decide driving down this road to this point when the Special Stage is already started will have to follow speed limit 20 km/h for 800 m. distance starting from the road Obeliai-Subate towards Trumpiškės. Traffic will be supervised by police officers. Speed limit is to avoid the traffic jam as at the same time on the same road rally cars will be passing by from the finish of Special Stage. We recommend arrival to the point before the start of Special Stage to avoid possible traffic jam.

Spectator Zone D is located here.

SS 11 (SB Lizingas) / SS 13 (Rokauta) (10,00 km)


SS 11 (SB Lizingas) / SS 13 (Rokauta) (10,00 km)

SS closes at 13:20

Start time of the first car – SB lizingas 14:20

Start time of the first car – Rokauta 15:30

Start: 55.9221, 25.8515

Finish: 55.9242, 25.9143


This Special Stage has been used before but it was longer. This year it is shorter after cutting section at the beginning. Now SS starts at Dideliškis. Surface of SS is quite hard. Road is not narrow with a lot of beautiful and fast turns. Especially first kilometre where sportsmen will be able to simply enjoy driving.  1,4 km from start very beautiful right turn over the jump. Quite tricky and interesting to watch place. 2,2 km further beautiful turns with sharp landing. Lots of fast turns which will be slowed down by organizers to avoid cuttings. 

4 km further after crossing the crossroad stage goes straight. Access is possible from the side road on the left side if following the direction of SS. Structure of stage changes after crossroad. Road becomes narrow with fast and tricky sections due to closed turns. After driving a little bit more than 7 km participants will face T form crossroad. Road remains narrow with slopes and tricky turns.

SS 14 (Tete-a-tete Casino) / SS 16 (Termo Profiliai) (6,79 km)

SS 14 ( Tete – a – Teta Casino) / SS 16 (Termo Profiliai)

SS closes at 17:00

Start time of the first car – Tete – a – Teta Casino 18:00

Start time of the first car – Termo Profiliai 19:00

Start: 55.9065, 26.0165

Finish: 55.8948, 25.9279

This special stage was used previously and will be driven twice. Easily accessible Special Stage by side roads. One of side roads – through Aleksandravėlė village. Parallel to the SS road will allow choosing several different places to watch rally. No Spectator Zone here.

SS 15 (Stokker) (5,49 km)


SS 15 ( Stokker) (5,49 km)

SS closes at 17:30

Start time of the first car – Stokker 18:30

Start: 55.8629, 26.0846

Finish 55.8528, 26.1412

This Special Stage takes place in Zarasai district and starts near the road Suviekas – Samaniai. Technical and narrow SS with closed turns. Beginning is fast and dangerous where sportsman will have a chance to take the maximum speed. 

In 1,2 km sharp and closed turns start. Good watch point from the hill on the right side if following SS direction. Fast sections with closed turns further. Dangerous left turn after 2,5 km and after long straight. It is visible from the hill on the left. Forest road after. 

After 3,6 km SS turns right in quite sharp crossroad. Access from the side road in Raudynė village when SS closed. After right turn second part of SS starts. It is similar to first part – same surface, narrow with lots of closed turns till finish.