2019 m. July 25 d.

In this year`s Lithuanian Rally Championship only to events left. Four of them are done already so participants are preparing for the next one – “Samsonas Rally Rokiškis 2019” on 9 – 10 August. It will be one before the last event, the fifth total. So it means that fights will be much sharper. Let`s have a glance what is going on in table of results after past events and which class promises most intriguing fights.

LARC1 credit – Vaidotas Žala at the very beginning. He has 138,6 points. Vytautas Švedas is the third with 74 points. Third is Linas Vaškys by now with 40,8 points. 

LARC2 credit – changes might happen. Leader Gediminas Maškauskas has 105,2 points and he is not unbeatable. Siarhei Viazovich Belarussian sportsman is behind him by a little bit more than 10 points. Polish sportsman Jakub Gegola has 46 points. But he shouldn`t be calm as well. Alexander Gorelov with 30 points is the fourth. 

LARC3 credit – Giedrius Notkus is first confidently. 136,8 points on his “account”. Eugenijus Sladkevičius has 70 points. Janis Vorobjos is only 6 points away. Nerijus Anužis has plus 10 points less. So even though Giedrius Notkus ir secure on the first place, we cannot say the same about second and third places.

There`s a real drama in LARC4. The least difference in point may change first three winners. Leader at the moment Evaldas Jokeika has 92,4 points. But Valdas Jurkevičius is only 1,2 points away. Just behind him Aurimas Eidžiūnas with 0,4 point away. Drew Holland and Deividas Gezevičius have theoretical chances with according 52,4 and 49,2 points. 

LARC5 credit Renaldas Šeinauskas is in front. With very stable moving through previous events of championship sportsman now has 134 points that’s 42 points more than closes rival Justas Tamašauskas. Third at the moment – Giedrius Firantas with 88 points and a hope to move up on the table of points. 

LARC6 Audronis Gulbinas is in front confidently. He gained 164,6 point on 4 events. Almost twice less has Deividas Gezevičius – 84,4 points. Lukas Vajinskis – only 36 points.

Leader of “BMW Cup” is again Renaldas Šeinauskas with 151,6 points. Justas Simaška is second. He had to fight tough for a position he has now. J. Simaška has 85,8 points. Less than 14 points behind him is Simonas Bieliauskas. Dovilas Čiutelė has more than theoretical chances to go higher as now he has 68 points. 

In 4WD credit by now leader is Vaidotas Žala with 135,8 points. Giedrius Notkus has 33,2 points less. Third Vytautas Švedas with 79,8 points may change the position depending on the circumstances.

Even more intriguing credit of single axle driven cars 2WD. Giedrius Firantas is first with 88 points. Justas Tamašauskas is second with 74,8 points. Third position is shared between two sportsmen with same points – Evaldas Joteika and Renaldas Šeinauskas. Both have 69,4 points. So such situation guarantees interesting fight in “Samsonas Rally Rokiškis“.

In team credit “AG Racing” is the leader with 93 points. “Autorikona” with 76 points is second. At the moment “Subaru Poland Rally Team” is third with 30 points. 

It is worth to mention that points gained till now depending results on further events may change. There is a rule of minus one event valid in Lithuanian rally championship. One worst result of all year can be deleted after the last event.  So there can be different mathematical variations impacting the final result and end of race.

Fifth event of Lithuanian rally championship “Samsonas Rally Rokiškis“ will be held on 9 –10 of August.